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Check out our variety of TheraKnit Braces to treat pain on different parts of the body, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!


The CYBERTECH line of spinal bracing provides superior support and or stabilization for a variety of spinal conditions from acute mechanical back pain relief to pre and post-operative stabilization through motion restriction.

CYBERTECH bracing features the original patented “Mechanical Advantage Pulley System” 1-hand, 1-second, adjustment to accommodate any change in body position or weight distribution. Air circulation design provides a wicking action which reduces heat build up and retention near the body, and increases patient comfort.


Limitation of the patient’s range of motion is a very important consideration for certain postoperative patients. The modularity of these Cybertech bracing systems enables the removal of the panels as increased range of motion is indicated. Panels can always be added once again if decreased range of motion is once again indicated.

The extra added benefit of wearing a Cybertech bracing system is an instantaneous improvement in posture, due to the spinal splinting effect. Everybody feels better with improved posture. This is yet another reason why 99.9% of all those who try on a Cybertech brace for the very first time smile and say “wow”.

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* Decreased paraspinal muscle activity and strength associated with low back pain is well established in the medical literature.


Spine Brace Flex Power Plus

Used for early intervention & prevention of lower back pain and spinal instability. Other indications include: Multiple level decompression laminectomy, and Posterior lateral fusion.

Premium Plus

The Premium Plus includes Panels for the Anterior and Posterior and does not include side panels. Indication include: Thoracolumbar injury, revision surgery, and multi-level fusion.


TriMod System

The TriMod System provides a Rigid Unibody Frame for superior Posterior, Anterior, and Lateral support. Indications include: Multiple level decompression, laminectomy, posterior lateral fusion, spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, and mechanical back pain.

CYBERTECH braces have a single front Velcro closure for easy opening and closing, plus lightweight, breathable construction with foam interior padding (Premium Plus and Tri-mod models) for patient Comfort, Control and Compliance.

Back Brace Features and Benefits
Cybertech spinal orthosis (back brace systems) simultaneously serve three (3) main functions in order to provide symptomatic relief of back pain.

  • Relieve the work of specific and posterior (back) muscles groups

  • Limit the patient’s range of motion

  • Serve as a back splint to stabilize the patient’s spine

Cybertech’s mechanical advantage pulley system provides 6:1 or 5:1 compression ratio, referring to the bracing system being able to handle either 6 or 5 times more muscle workload than the patient would be able to accomplish if he/she was not wearing the bracing system, significantly reducing the work of anterior and posterior muscle groups at the same time.

 When sized and adjusted properly the brace system should:

  • Relieve the work of both the abdominal muscles (anterior) and paraspinal* (posterior).

  • Limit sagittal (side to side) motion and/or coronal (front to back) motion, and

  • Splint the patient’s spine, ensuring spinal stabilization.



In order for a patient to qualify under Medicare guidelines for back brace; LO Lumbar orthosis or LSO Lumbar sacral orthosis, one of the following indicator(s) must be met:

● To facilitate healing following a surgical procedure on the spine or related soft tissue; or
● To facilitate healing following an injury to the spine or related soft tissues; or
● To reduce pain by restricting mobility of the trunk; or
● To otherwise support weak spinal muscles and/or a deformed spine.


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