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We offer a variety of TheraKnit Braces to treat pain on different parts of the body.


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  Reinhold W. from Coconut Creek, FL writes:

Hi Leslie,

Thank you so much for taking care of my order. I hope you will forward this email to your Supervisor so they know what a wonderful job you did in handling and processing everything for me. I truly appreciate that you took the time to call me back and answer my questions after I received the Ultima. I have been using it twice or three times a day and I love it. I know you explained the different preset modes to me, and told me which one to use, but I like to go through different modes and try them out. It feels so good not feel pain in my feet for once! You are my hero.  I bought a similar unit two years ago and actually paid out of my own pocket for it, it didn’t have all the different settings, just the same constant zap of electricity, and in my opinion, doesn’t even come close to your product.

On another note, my wife has Arthritis, and she has been using my socks on her hands (I know, how silly, huh?), but it has helped her tremendously. Can you order me the gloves, or should I just have my wife call you? I would imagine that she needs a script for her own since I don’t have arthritis. I’ll even pay cash for it. It’s a great product, and I am so thankful you explained it to me.

As always, thanks for your help, you’re most wonderful! I am looking forward to your response!

Reinhold W.


  Vivian B. from Winnsboro, TX writes:

To my now very good friends at onlinemedsupplies:

I am writing this testimonial about the Ultima Tens 20 unit that I have just received and used. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer over a year ago and have under gone both radiation and chemotherapy. Since undergoing cancer treatments I have developed neuropathy in both my legs and feet.

I have had a constant burning and tingling and numbness in both of my legs and feet which has led me to have many sleepless nights and constant pain. I went on line to find something that may help me get some relief. I told my doctor what I had found on line, he suggested that I try the product since medication and therapy had not helped me.

I have used the Ultima 20 every day for one month and have defiantly seen an improvement. I can now sleep through the night and have more balance in my feet and legs. This is a god send.


Vivian B.


  Patrick R. from Kansas, MO writes:

I have been suffering from lower back pain for many years now, taking two Percocets first thing in the morning before I even had coffee. When I called you I really just wanted to see what other options there would be. Your staff helped me find the Energy Brace and Ultima unit. WOW. I was really excited when I received it in the mail, but couldn't figure out how to connect the cables, but you guys walked me through over the phone and I was able to sit back and enjoy the electricity going through me and relaxing my muscles. I used to have to go to my Chiropractor and didn't think this was available to the average Joe.

A big thank you to your staff for contacting my secondary insurance to help pay for the brace. If they wouldn't have paid I would have paid myself because I am finally able to get out of bed like a normal person, and don't have to roll to the edge of the bed to then put my feet down.

You guys are awesome!

Patrick R.


  Juan C. from Miami writes:

I called OnlineMedSupplies to inquire about the ultima, and the socks. The nice staff took my insurance info down and called me back the same day to let me know that my insurance covered the items. I was doubtful when I first opened the package and saw this cell phone-sized device. I was blown away (and so was my pain) when I first tried it out.

I use the ultima twice a day for 30 minutes. Thank you for giving me my life back.




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